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      The Hall of Ten Thousand Buddhas            
On the 16th floor, this unique hall has more than 10,000 images of the Medicine Buddha on its walls, all meticulously hand-cast in copper. In the center is a seven-story pagoda, constructed of teakwood without the use of a single nail. Inside the pagoda are statues of seven Medicine Buddhas and classic wooden reliefs of 500 arhats. With the Diamond Sutra engraved on its outer walls, the Three Jewels Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha are unified in this pagoda.
The enormous 30-meter high frameless glass curtains on both sides of the pagoda are precision-engineered and can flex 43.9 centimeters in resistance to the force of fierce winds and earthquakes. Through the glass curtains, the pagoda can be seen from a great distance at night, with the light from the pagoda emanating like a beacon, calling those in the mundane world to return to the luminous nature of their original mind.
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