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Surrounding the monastery are beautiful gardens V Deer Garden commemorates the place where the Buddha first turned the Dharma Wheel; Hua Lin Garden is filled with a plethora of rare flowers and trees; Bodhi Park has a collection of Buddha statues from Asia, and the Lotus Pond adjacent to Chung Tai Museum reminds us of the purity within. Hundreds of species of high and low altitude trees and plants thrive harmoniously here at the Middle Platform (Chung Tai). Embraced in the arms of nature among the plethora of colors, visitors are exposed to the Zen aroma of in each flower is a whole world; on each leaf is a Buddha.
Two bell pavilions stand within Deer Garden and Hua Lin Garden. Here visitors can strike the bell while making a vow to bring awakening to beings. By immersing themselves in the sonorous sound of the monastic bell, they also awaken their own inherent nature of wisdom and purity.
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